Investing in real estate has long been considered a lucrative and stable way to grow your wealth. Traditionally, investing in real estate required substantial capital and extensive knowledge of the market.

However, with the rise of online platforms, such as Fundrise, Realty Mogul, and CrowdStreet, investing in real estate has become more accessible than ever before. These platforms offer investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and potentially earn attractive returns.

In this article, we will delve into the world of online real estate investing platforms and compare two prominent players: CrowdStreet and Realty Mogul.

About Fundrise

Fundrise is a leading online real estate investment platform that allows individuals to invest in commercial properties without needing a massive amount of capital. Founded in 2010, Fundrise was one of the pioneers in democratizing real estate investments.

With a user-friendly interface and a diversified portfolio across major US markets, Fundrise offers various investment options, including eREITs and private funds. With a minimum investment requirement as low as $500, Fundrise aims to make real estate investing accessible to a wider audience.

About Realty Mogul

Realty Mogul is a prominent player in online real estate investing, offering individual investors the opportunity to invest in carefully vetted commercial properties through crowdfunding. Launched in 2013 by Jilliene Helman, Realty Mogul has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface and diverse investment options.

The platform provides both individual property investments and real estate investment trusts (REITs), catering to investors with different risk appetites. With a rigorous vetting process, Realty Mogul ensures that only high-quality properties are listed on the platform, giving investors confidence in their potential returns.

Realty Mogul’s intuitive design makes it easy for users to navigate the platform and explore investment opportunities. Additionally, they offer REITs, which provide diversification benefits by pooling multiple properties into a single investment vehicle.

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Overall, Realty Mogul stands out as an online real estate investing platform due to its comprehensive approach, diverse investment options, rigorous vetting process, and user-friendly interface.

About CrowdStreet

CrowdStreet is an online platform that connects individual investors with institutional-quality commercial real estate opportunities. Founded in 2014, it has quickly become a leading player in the online real estate investment space.

CrowdStreet offers a marketplace where accredited investors can access deals sponsored by experienced real estate operators across the United States.

The platform focuses on providing direct access to commercial properties such as office buildings, multifamily apartments, and industrial facilities. Investors have the flexibility to choose between individual properties or funds, tailoring their portfolios according to their preferences and risk tolerance.

CrowdStreet stands out for its emphasis on transparency and due diligence. Before a deal is listed, it undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure high-quality opportunities are presented to investors.

Detailed information about each investment opportunity, including property profiles and financial projections, is provided for informed decision-making.

With a user-friendly interface and tools for tracking investments and communicating with sponsors, CrowdStreet simplifies the investment process. It empowers investors to diversify their portfolios and potentially achieve attractive returns in the dynamic world of real estate investing.

How are They the Same?

Fundrise, Realty Mogul, and CrowdStreet are online real estate investment platforms that offer individuals the opportunity to invest in real estate without substantial capital or specialized knowledge. These platforms provide access to a wide range of investment opportunities across different property types and geographies.

They prioritize transparency and investor education by providing detailed information on each investment opportunity. Overall, these platforms offer accessible and diverse options for individuals looking to enter the real estate market and diversify their investment portfolios.

How are They Different?

When comparing Fundrise, Realty Mogul, and CrowdStreet, it becomes evident that these platforms have distinct characteristics that set them apart from each other. These differences can influence an investor’s decision on which platform to choose based on their specific needs and preferences.

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One crucial aspect where these platforms differ is in the target investor demographics they cater to. Each platform may have different minimum investment requirements or preferred investment strategies, attracting a particular group of investors.

This means that Fundrise, Realty Mogul, and CrowdStreet may appeal to different individuals based on their financial capacity or investment goals.

Another differentiation lies in the specific investment options available on each platform. While all three offer various investment opportunities, they may vary in terms of offerings such as eREITs (electronic Real Estate Investment Trusts), individual properties, or funds.

Investors should consider the types of investments they are interested in and evaluate which platform aligns with their desired portfolio diversification.

Moreover, the minimum investment requirements can significantly impact an investor’s accessibility to these platforms. The minimum amount needed to participate may vary among Fundrise, Realty Mogul, and CrowdStreet, potentially limiting certain platforms’ accessibility for some investors.

It is essential for potential investors to consider their budget and determine which platform best suits their financial capabilities.

By understanding these differences between Fundrise, Realty Mogul, and CrowdStreet, investors can make informed decisions about which platform aligns with their investment objectives.

Whether it’s targeting specific investor demographics or offering unique investment options with varying minimum investment requirements, these distinctions provide investors with choices that cater to their individual needs in the real estate crowdfunding market.

Investment Performance Comparison

Understanding the historical performance of investment platforms like Fundrise, Realty Mogul, and CrowdStreet is crucial for informed decision-making. Analyzing past returns, risk factors, and diversification strategies provides valuable insights into potential rewards and risks.

By comparing performance metrics over a specific time period, investors can determine which platform aligns with their goals and risk tolerance. Examining factors such as returns, risk levels, and diversification helps make more informed investment choices.

Analyzing annualized returns, consistency, and growth potential provides a long-term perspective on each platform’s performance. Assessing risk factors helps gauge uncertainty associated with investments. Evaluating diversification strategies reveals how well platforms spread investments across asset classes to minimize risks.

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By thoroughly comparing investment performance metrics, risk factors, and diversification strategies, investors can confidently choose a platform that suits their goals while effectively managing risks.

Considerations for Investors

When choosing between Fundrise, Realty Mogul, or CrowdStreet as investment platforms, investors should consider several crucial factors. These include:

  1. Fees and expenses: Assessing the fee structures of each platform is essential to accurately evaluate potential returns.

  2. Customer support services: Prioritize platforms that offer responsive and helpful customer service to address any concerns during the investment process.

  3. Transparency in reporting: Look for platforms that provide detailed information on investments, including regular updates on performance and portfolio activity.

  4. Additional features: Explore any unique tools or resources offered by each platform that can enhance the investing experience.

Ultimately, the decision depends on individual preferences and goals. Consider whether simplicity or more sophisticated investment options align better with your needs. By carefully considering these factors, investors can make an informed choice that maximizes their chances of success in real estate investing.


When considering online real estate investing platforms, it is important to thoroughly research and evaluate the options available. Fundrise, Realty Mogul, and CrowdStreet are reputable platforms that offer investors unique opportunities to diversify their portfolios and potentially earn attractive returns.

These platforms share similarities in providing access to real estate investments online and a variety of investment opportunities across different property types. However, they differ in terms of target investor demographics, specific investment options available, and minimum investment requirements.

Investors must conduct thorough due diligence before making any investment decisions. By carefully evaluating the historical performance, fees, customer support services, and other relevant factors of each platform, investors can make informed decisions that align with their individual preferences and goals.

It is crucial to remember that investing in real estate involves risk. Therefore, understanding the potential rewards and risks associated with each platform is essential before committing your hard-earned capital.

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