We W​ant More!​

More Income. More Fun. More Experiences.
More Peace of Mind. More Freedom.

Here at the Income Investors, we teach people how to generate enough income from their investments that they don't have to work anymore. Because when your investment income exceeds your life expenses, that's real freedom.

Here's the Deal.

Being an investor is great – until you need cash. And then you typically have to sell your investments in order to generate income.

The problem with that is then you have to go out looking for more investments, hope they increase in value, and sell them off again for the income.

Because we all know that equity doesn't pay the bills, income does.

We were trapped in that vicious cycle until we discovered income investing.

We've discovered (and perfected) 12 ways to generate income without having to sell the investment.

This means our money never stops working for us - it just continues to grow and compound - and it's much less volatile than ordinary investing.

Plus, we don't have to constantly go out and find new investments to put our money to work. 

Ain't nobody got time for that.

And that means we get more time to enjoy the freedom that comes when our money's working hard so we don't have to.

Here's How it Works...

First we find your financial "gap." That's the big void between where you are now financially and where you want to be. 

Then we help you bridge that gap with research on carefully curated investments that all do one thing - produce real cash income.

Finally we help you manage your growing portfolio (and your money mindset) with training covering all facets of investing.

We're not managing your money - you are. So, we work best with people who want to make their own investments and manage their own portfolios.

Here's How We Help...

Free Tools & Resources

Our blog features articles to help you learn to invest for income and manage your money. Plus, we share investing tools to help you on your journey to financial freedom.

Investment Ideas (Academy)

Our talented team of professional financial analysts publishes income-generating investment ideas every week. We cover 12 cash flow strategies!

Courses (Academy)

We publish lots of courses (like our flagship Income Investors Roadmap course) to help you research, make, and manage your investments... like a boss.

What Our Income Investors Academy Members Say...

Susan offers hands down the most amazing value for money making information on the market. I've purchased 3 of her courses and could not have been happier. But the valuable information that she provides won't just manifest into your personal investing success - you have to commit to action. If you can't honestly say to yourself that you are ready to be scared as hell about doing something totally new, then do yourself a favor and don't join. Keep up the great work, Susan!

Christian Phillips

Susan Lassiter-Lyons often catches something special about investing that her mortal followers don't. She's enlightened me on a number of things over the years.

Daniel Ng

Susan is so informative and helpful. She's trustworthy and tells it like it is, without sugar coating. It's refreshing to get investing info from someone you actually trust!

Jesse Erickson

Thanks very much for all of your info/teaching and exhaustive research on behalf of all of us. I am very grateful to you. And so is my portfolio!

Mike Goodman

Susan, you consistently over-deliver timely, targeted, concise, value-add content for investors of all classes and knowledge levels. As a long-term student I have observed the exceptional quality of your deliverables - ranging from blog posts, webinars, videos, and systems - all with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity always with the best interests of your students in mind. You have succeeded in raising the bar to a standard that is far out of reach of your competitors. Keep up the GREAT work - we need you!

Wow. Your course on selling covered calls just added an extra $600 to my MONTHLY income. I can't believe this is legal.

Andrew Marshall

Sharon Phipps

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and guiding us to our financial freedom! With your brain and your help I am enjoying a better life. Just so you know, I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

Esther Meehan