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Our premium, subscription, investment newsletters are the perfect way to build and grow your investment portfolio. Each month, we deliver a research report on an investment opportunity and show you exactly how to invest. Subscriptions also include real-time trade alerts (email and text), special reports, and portfolio performance reports.

CannaVestor Lab
The first premium cannabis investing newsletter and alerts system. We cover publicly-traded cannabis stocks, private and public REITs, and private placements in Canada and the United States.

Investment Focus: Growth

Real Passive Profits
A premium newsletter focused on passive real estate investment opportunities. We cover public and private REITs, mortgage notes and note funds, private real estate startups, and syndicates.

Investment Focus: Income

The Debt Investor
A premium newsletter focused on income producing opportunities in private and public debt including exchange-traded debt, business development companies, and revenue participation crowdfunding.

Investment Focus: Income