My Secret Value Investing Strategy – TR013

Want to find a great stock on sale that you can buy for cheap? Look no further than CEO’s behaving badly.

This Week’s Total Return:

18.13% capital gains + 12.42% income yield.

I'm primarily an income investor but a well-diversified portfolio also includes value and growth investments. So, how do you find great value investments? Listen in as I share my secret strategy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • My secret, proprietary value investing strategy to buy the best stocks the minute they go on sale.
  • What value investing is and how it differs from income or growth investing.
  • The Graham’s Number formula – how most value investors like Warren Buffett find value stocks.
  • Why and how my secret strategy is way better than Graham’s Number for identifying discounted stocks that regain their value in weeks and months not years.

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode

The Income Investors Academy
SoFi Invest
Graham’s Number Calculator


Comments on My Secret Value Investing Strategy – TR013

  1. Esther Meehan says:

    I LOVE your “CEO’s Gone Wild” strategy! Makes a whole lot of sense to just listen to the news to hear who’s goofing off and be ready to pounce. You are dialed in and I’m sticking with you! Good job.

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