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"I never in a million years thought I'd be an angel investor loaning money to a startup with a guaranteed 3x return on my investment. 300%. 300%! I just have one question for Susan.... where have you been all my life?!"

JJ Barrett, New York, NY

​With rising interest rates and stock market volatility, now is the perfect time to start investing in debt. I'll show you how to collect your interest checks safely and quickly.

  • There are 12 ways I've discovered to invest in corporate and consumer debt putting your money to work earning income for you every month, every quarter, every year on a 100% passive basis.
  • Investing in debt is different than investing in equity. When you invest in equity, if the company isn't profitable you don't get paid. With debt, you're making a loan to the company and get your payments even if the company isn't profitable.
  • Most people avoid the market when interest rates are rising, but higher interest rates make debt investing even more lucrative!
  • Debt investments generate interest income. And that income, when reinvested, compounds. It's the strategy Ben Franklin described saying, "Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes money."
  • The Debt Investor portfolio returns as of Nov 2018: 42.9% unrealized gains plus 10.1% interest yield. 

Passive. Profitable. Liquid.

Those three words are the holy grail for investors. And I'll throw in another one... debt.

Now, most people will tell you debt is bad.

And it is... when you're the borrower.

When you're the lender, it's awesome because of the interest you charge.

You make money on every dollar you put out into the world.

And when the money your money made starts to make even more money, things get real fun real fast.

So, 12 Ways to Invest in Debt?

Yep, 12 ways. And I research and report on investment opportunities in all 12 strategies in my premium newsletter, The Debt Investor.

We focus on....

  • Private Income Funds
  • Private Real Estate Syndicates
  • Peer to Peer Lending
  • Exchange-Traded Debt Securities
  • Tax Liens/Tax Deeds
  • Revenue Participation Angel Investing
  • Government Bonds
  • Distressed Debt
  • Private Notes
  • High Yield Corporate Bonds
  • Yield Cos
  • Business Development Companies

And the majority of our debt investments can be made in a retirement account or IRA to defer taxes and compound that interest!

By subscribing to The Debt Investor you’ll get the following benefits:

Real-Time Alerts

We alert our subscribers by text and email the minute we buy or sell a position in our Debt Investor portfolio so that you can invest right along with us... in real-time.

A Real Portfolio

Most other investment newsletters tout a "model" portfolio or worse, forbid their researchers from holding a position in the stocks they research. You deserve better than pretend recommendations from someone with no skin in the game. We own all stocks we recommend.

Like-Minded Investors

There are a bazillion groups for day traders and active investors, but we don't want to work that hard! When you join The Debt Investor, you'll be part of a group of independent investors who appreciate 100% passive returns because we've got a life!

So, What's in These Newsletters?

13.2% Yield

October 2018

In this issue, I shared an opportunity to invest in a New York City based mortage trust that makes short-term real estate loans.

12.1% Yield

November 2018

In this issue, I shared an opportunity to invest in a "boutique bank" making business loans to middle-market companies.

12.5% Yield

December 2018

In this issue, I shared an opportunity to invest in a business development company who's loans are government-backed.

So, How Does This Work?

If you've subscribed to premium investment newsletters in the past, you probably are familiar with the process.

Each month, I deliver a comprehensive issue detailing what's happening in the debt markets and how our portfolio holdings are performing.

And throughout the month, I buy and sell public and private debt investments for my own account and alert you with the exact details so that you can trade right along with me and build your own portfolio of debt investments.

A Diversified Portfolio Helps You Weather the Bear Markets.

There are a few things that the market hates: rising interest rates and uncertainty.

These things lead to volatility and losses in most portfolios that are heavy in traditional mutual funds and equity investments.

In uncertain times, when the market fluctuations can wreak havoc on our portfolio returns, we need something certain to offset that.

And that's where debt comes in.

When interest rates rise, debt investors make more money.

And when that income rises, our portfolio can weather anything the market might throw at it.

So, to add some certainty and diversification to your portfolio, you should consider becoming a Debt Investor!

What You Get When You Join The Debt Investor:

The Ultimate Debt Investing Research and Trade Alerts Service

  • Monthly Issue: Each month, you get a comprehensive report featuring our investment pick of the month. Available to all investors regardless of accreditation. 
  • Real-Time Trading Alerts: We’ll alert you via email about investments we’re buying and selling… so that you can invest with us in real-time. No more getting the news late and missing the big gains!
  • Special Reports and Insiders: This is where we’ll post in-depth industry reports, expert research, in-depth interviews with industry insiders, and more. 
  • Portfolio Performance: Every month I share the latest performance report for the Debt Investor Portfolio. It’s a transparent look at the investments and our double-digit 100% PASSIVE returns.

The longer you wait the less you make. Subscribe now!

This is your chance to build a cash-flowing, portfolio of debt investments. Will you take it or let the opportunity pass you by?

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't think The Debt Investor is for you, just let me know in the first 30 days and I'll cancel your subscription and issue a prompt refund.

But the more likely scenario is that you'll love The Debt Investor. Join us today and start building your portfolio of debt investments that will make money for you today. And the money THAT money makes will compound to make even more for you well into the future.

See you on the inside!

Susan Lassiter-Lyons
Publisher & Founding Editor, The Debt Investor

P.S. Still have questions? Contact us via email or chat.

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