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Investment Coaching for People Who Want to Create Income for Life

Ready to Build Some Money Machines?

Then you're ready for the Income Investors Academy.

I’ve designed an experience unlike any other investment coaching or financial advisory program out there.

Academy is all about planning, building, and managing your portfolio of passive income gushing money machines. Just like Warren says.

That money that comes in with no effort on your part.

Like my client Vivian, a retired cop and entrepreneur from San Francisco who wanted to use her money to produce enough income to cover 100% of her expenses - $91,000 a year.

Me (on the left) and Vivian in my backyard. Good champagne and knee scars. 😉

She'd been working like crazy to set up an e-commerce business to create some income after retiring from the police department.

But really? Who wants to work that hard?

When I showed how her retirement portfolio could generate $91,000 a year in income just by investing it MY way, she realized it's a lot more fun to make money when your money's doing the work, not you. 

And that is what every investor in the Academy is working toward.

If that's what you want, too you should join us. 

When You Join the Income Investors Academy Today, Here's What You Get:

The I12 Money Machine Planner
This proprietary software builds and automates your investment plan with just a few easy inputs.

The I12 Investment Ideas
Each month, we publish at least two fully-researched, curated investment ideas that meet the I12 criteria.

The I12 Portfolio
We post our portfolio of ideas so that you can invest right along with us in real-time. A transparent look at our holdings and returns.

Investing Tools
Access to all the tools and services (free and low cost) that we use to create and manage our I12 money machines. 

Investing Courses
An all-access pass to our library of investing training courses. Everything from making your first stock trade to selling covered call options.

Live Weekly Coaching
A live, weekly call to learn what's new and get all your questions answered by financial coach, Susan Lassiter-Lyons. 

What Our Academy Members Say...

Susan offers hands down the most amazing value for money making information on the market. I've purchased 3 of her courses and could not have been happier. But the valuable information that she provides won't just manifest into your personal investing success - you have to commit to action. If you can't honestly say to yourself that you are ready to be scared as hell about doing something totally new, then do yourself a favor and don't join. Keep up the great work, Susan!

Christian Phillips

Susan Lassiter-Lyons often catches something special about investing that her mortal followers don't. She's enlightened me on a number of things over the years.

Daniel Ng

Susan is so informative and helpful. She's trustworthy and tells it like it is, without sugar coating. It's refreshing to get investing info from someone you actually trust!

Jesse Erickson

Susan, you consistently over-deliver timely, targeted, concise, value-add content for investors of all classes and knowledge levels. As a long-term student I have observed the exceptional quality of your deliverables - ranging from blog posts, webinars, videos, and systems - all with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity always with the best interests of your students in mind. You have succeeded in raising the bar to a standard that is far out of reach of your competitors. Keep up the GREAT work - we need you!

Andrew Marshall

Thanks very much for all of your info/teaching and exhaustive research on behalf of all of us. I am very grateful to you. And so is my portfolio!

Mike Goodman

Mike Goodman

Wow. Your course on selling covered calls just added an extra $600 to my MONTHLY income. I can't believe this is legal.

Andrew Marshall

Sharon Phipps

I'm 64 on Social Security trying to catch up. Spent too much money trying get into real estate investing. Should have put that money into these income investments instead.

Andrew Marshall

Alan Calugay

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and guiding us to our financial freedom! With your brain and your help I am enjoying a better life. Just so you know, I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

Esther Meehan

As a new investor checking my email I want to say a big thank you to Susan LL for your genuine, no BS, take it or leave it, non sugar coated approach. With you I feel we’re all in this together to learn and make money. As I sit here looking at my umpteenth “final offer” and my 35th “last chance ever” (this year) to subscribe to yet another service from another company (Motley Fool) for thousands of dollars I am so grateful for you! There is so much info out there it’s hard to know where to start as a newbie. Your info is credible, accurate, to the point and backed by countless hours of your sweat equity and research. As the B.L.I.C. (boss lady in charge) of your company I can tell you do your best to have an authentic credible brand you and your team can be proud of. I know it’s business but I don’t feel pressured or over marketed to. End of soap box. Thank God there are Susan LL’s in this world!

Andrew Persinger

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Why a Financial Coach? Can't I Just Hire a Financial Advisor?

You can totally hire a financial advisor.

If you like fees.

Advisors can be either fee-based where they charge you a flat fee to manage your portfolio or commission-based where they receive commissions to sell you into certain investments.

The fee is typically based on the amount of your money they are managing called 'assets under management' or AUM.

And if you have enough for them to manage (usually $250,000 or more) they charge you 1.3% to 1.85% every year to manage it.

On a portfolio with $300,000, you’ll pay around $5,250 a year. #DumbAss

If the advisor is commission-based, they get compensated by constantly buying and selling investments on your behalf.

That's exactly what happened to my niece Marina.

Marina’s Mom passed away tragically when she was 18 years old and left her a trust fund.

Her grandfather took her to Wells Fargo Wealth Advisors and a commission-based advisor, Jake, was assigned her account.

A few years later, Marina came over to have me take a look at her account statements because in two years her money hadn’t grown at all.

So, I took a look and was stunned to see that Jake was churning (buying and selling) her account like crazy.

 He made more money on commissions from her account than Marina did in two years!

In fact, he got her a measly 2.3% return when the S&P 500 returned almost 16%.

So, if you don’t want to pay crazy high fees or allow some rando like Jake to make more money from your money than you do, you might want to consider joining Academy for 1/10th the cost and 595% higher returns.

And that's not hype; just fact.

Is This Right for You?

Look, only you can decide if this is right for you. My gut tells me that it is since I have yet to find someone it doesn't work for - unless you literally have no money to invest. Or are an asshole. I have a very strict #NoAssholes policy.

What I know for sure is that if you keep doing the same thing over and over following the 'advice' of people who don't care as much about growing your money as you do, you're screwed, Boo.

Join us and let's start creating income for life for you. Your future self will thank you.

Talk soon,

Susan Lassiter-Lyons
Investment Coach and Founder, the Income Investors

Still Got Q's? Here's My A's.

How much money do I need to get started?

How much do you want to start with? That's how much. Seriously, we have income-producing ideas you can invest in for as little as $1. 

Can I do this in a retirement account?

Yep. I hold about 80% of my money machines in IRA's.

Why can't I just invest in an index fund and call it a day like everyone says?

You can. Click away now and good luck with that. Just know that ain't no money machine, yo.

Will this work if I'm self-employed?

My sweet kindred! Yes, yes a thousand times YES! I've been self-employed since 2000 and my money machines have saved me on more than a few occasions. If I'm having a cash flow issue, I can just supplement it with money machine income instead of selling off investments or going into debt. If I had my way EVERYONE I worked with would be an entrepreneur. We're just cool.

Can I join if I'm an asshole?

No. Just like the late Anthony Bourdain, I have a very strict 'no assholes' rule.

I'm old. Will this work for me?

Yep. In fact, you'll have to start investing this way if you have set up a 'traditional' retirement account anyway. The IRS forces you to sell off your portfolio in 4% increments every year. So, put that money to work producing actual income to live on. That way, you'll still have a nice chunk to leave to your heirs while you live it up. Being broke at 90 is no bueno, yo.

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