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Investment Advisor vs Investment Coach

Man leaning back in his chair with his hands behind his head looking at investment data like candlestick charts on his computer monitors.

You worked hard and built a successful enterprise, particularly because you know about and have a passion for your business or career. Part of success is finally generating sufficient income allot a portion to save for the future. Clearly, long term investments make much more sense than leaving it in a savings account, or even…

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Best High Interest Savings Accounts

high interest savings accounts

Susan asked me to research the best high-interest savings accounts this month. And I’m glad she did because as much as we love to share high interest income investments, sometimes pumping up the yield on your regular old savings account can help you make more income, too. So, in this article I’ll share what high…

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Are You Panicked or Patient?

The market is dropping faster than the ball at 11:59pm on New Years Eve. is it time to panic? Your answer most likely depends on a few factors… Whether you’re an investor or a trader. How close you are to retirement. Your investment style. Most investors aren’t totally freaking out because investors – true investors…

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The Year of the Bot?

As an investor and online marketer, I’ve been hearing a lot about “bots” in the last few years. Robo-advisors are “bots” that manage investment portfolios on behalf of people using algorithms based on technical indicators. And now every online marketer and their brother is touting “Messenger Bots” as the next big thing. Just today in…

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