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You Want Dividend Stocks: Here’s Why

dividend stocks

Let’s say you have come across a bundle of money and decide to invest it instead of spending it. You know two neighbors who each run a business in which you can invest, Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones. Both have owned their businesses for over 30 years and are known successes; however, each operates quite…

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Understanding Self-Employed Retirement Plans

There is nothing quite as great as being your own business owner. You call the shots, set the hours, and keep the profits from your hard work; those are certainly positive benefits to which most entrepreneurs can relate. Other advantages include deducting certain assets and expenses that may also serve for personal uses, such as…

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Investment Advisor vs Investment Coach

Man leaning back in his chair with his hands behind his head looking at investment data like candlestick charts on his computer monitors.

You worked hard and built a successful enterprise, particularly because you know about and have a passion for your business or career. Part of success is finally generating sufficient income allot a portion to save for the future. Clearly, long term investments make much more sense than leaving it in a savings account, or even…

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How to Calculate the Dividend Payout Ratio

dividend payout ratio

The dividend payout ratio. It’s what we need to figure out to answer the question, “Can this company afford to pay my dividend?” In this article, I’m going to share … How to be a high-yield income investor without falling into a dividend trap. How to calculate the dividend coverage ratio to ensure the company…

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