Author: Susan Lassiter-Lyons

The Dividend Capture Strategy

dividend capture

Looking for a way to invest in a stock and capture some free money at the same time? The Dividend Capture Strategy may be for you! How Dividend Capture Works For this income-oriented strategy, you buy a dividend stock just before the ex-dividend date and then immediately sell the stock on the dividend date. This allows…

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What To Do When the Stock Price Goes Down

stock price

Everyone loves reliable income. And most days you’re relaxing, collecting your checks and thinking about more important things. But financial news is reported all day, every day, and bad news gets more attention than good news. Sooner or later your perfect day will be interrupted by some bad news about one of your investments. When…

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Are You Panicked or Patient?

The market is dropping faster than the ball at 11:59pm on New Years Eve. is it time to panic? Your answer most likely depends on a few factors… Whether you’re an investor or a trader. How close you are to retirement. Your investment style. Most investors aren’t totally freaking out because investors – true investors…

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